Ströer supports Greentech Festival

The Greentech Festival took place in Berlin from September 16–18, 2020, as a hybrid event held online and at the former power station Kraftwerk Berlin. The festival was a mix of exhibition, gala event, conference, concert, and several new digital components. As one of the largest festivals of its kind in the world, it offered a multilayered approach to the issue of sustainability.

As it did in 2019, Ströer supported the Greentech Festival as a premium partner alongside Facebook, Deutsche Bahn, and Deutsche Telekom. Ströer promoted the festival and its messages via the company’s advertising media. In the run-up to the festival, Ströer ran a digital outdoor advertising campaign on more than 5,500 digital screens across Germany, reaching around 35 million people nationwide. Green Window, the festival’s agency, developed the high-impact campaign based on the idea that change has to be actively brought about. The campaign provided specific ideas on what this change could look like, and made the most of the possibilities of digital outdoor advertising.

For Ströer, the partnership and the support provided via its media symbolize the company’s conviction that sustainability and business success depend on each other. Ströer is supporting the Greentech Festival with what outdoor advertising does best: quickly attracting the attention of wide sections of the general public.

Ströer also used the festival to present its own intelligent, sustainable, and innovative media solutions. Festival visitors had the opportunity to explore greening ideas for street furniture, integrable sensors (measuring components), a waiting room with active air filtering developed in partnership with filtration experts Mann+Hummel, and other customized solutions.

“Our business model is based on working with a large number of municipal partners, including local authorities, public transport providers, municipal utility companies, and local marketing organizations. Through our smart solutions and our partnerships with local authorities, we are able to actively shape the future in a sustainable way. It is precisely this momentum that we want to tap into,” said Alexander Stotz, CEO of Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH. “It is important for us to talk to stakeholders and to find the best solutions together. Our experts are on hand locally, and we look forward to engaging in dialog.”

Alexander Stotz and the MANN+HUMMEL Group talk at length about their exhibits in an interview with Greentech: Video 

Source/image: Stefan Kraul for GREENTECH FESTIVAL