Frauen in Führung: Supporting the advancement of women

Ströer again part of MIT FRAUEN IN FÜHRUNG

The Cologne-based alliance MIT FRAUEN IN FÜHRUNG was launched in 2016, and since then 15 of the city’s leading companies have joined to actively promote equality between women and men in their organizations. Alongside Ströer, the alliance includes REWE, DuMont, DEG, Cologne Bonn Airport, Kreissparkasse Köln, Sparkasse KölnBonn, WDR, Kliniken Köln, Jobcenter, and the municipal authority of Cologne.

There is no other alliance quite like it. After only a short period of time, it proved to be an effective instrument for raising companies’ awareness of gender issues and making the advancement of women measurable. As a first step, the companies got together to compile a manual of 300 specific measures and numerous best practices aimed at supporting women and developing high-potential employees. The companies use this as the basis for driving forward their gender-equality strategies, i.e. they develop their own gender concept, measure how many women have roles at which management level, and establish measures to increase the number of women in senior roles. These internal measures are boosted by alliance activities such as careers workshops and the ‘cross mentoring’ scheme.

Cross mentoring has even made success measurable. The 15-month cross-mentoring program focuses on the next step in the career of an ambitious mentee, and enables her to plan her career and the next steps with the help of a mentor from another company. Ströer will again provide a mentor and a mentee to the network for the cross-mentoring program this year.