Berlin Partner Network sends a message against hate

The armed conflicts in Israel, the terrorist attacks on the Jewish population and the retaliatory strikes by the Israeli military are upsetting and disturbing people all over the world. The Berlin Partner Network, which includes Ströer, has launched the Berlin Against Anti-Semitism initiative. The aim is to take responsibility in the fight against anti-Semitism and to show that hatred and incitement have no place in a diverse, cosmopolitan and tolerant city like Berlin.

As part of the initiative, both sustainable internal company measures and high-profile campaigns will be implemented to raise awareness of the issue of anti-Semitism among workforces, organizations and society. The result is intended to be an increased awareness of discrimination that removes the breeding ground for anti-Semitism. The initiative's differentiated orientation is reflected in its charter, which all members sign. The members of the Initiative Berlin against Anti-Semitism see it as their task to actively support Jewish life in the capital and to fight any form of anti-Semitism. Together, they aim to establish the issue as a natural part of Berlin's corporate culture.

The Berlin Partner Network acts as a platform for the initiative and stands for an open, diverse and multifaceted society and communal togetherness. Around 20 Berlin Partner companies, four science partners and one association collaborated on the charter draft.  The partner companies plan independent projects against anti-Semitism, initiate internal and external discussions and debates on the topic of anti-Semitism, and communicate these as part of their corporate culture and communication. In general, all actions, events, campaigns and discussions are intended to encourage participation. The focus is on the people in the organizations and in the city and their collective actions. 

Further information and dates can be found at: https://www.berlin-partner.de/en/capital-city-marketing/berlin-partner-network/initiative-berlin-gegen-antisemitismus/