Trainees design OOH campaign for fritz-kola’s ‘Pfand gehört daneben’ initiative

The fritz-kola initiative ‘Pfand gehört daneben’ (bottle deposits belong beside the bin) has been raising awareness of deposit collectors for years. While some people can afford to simply throw away their empty bottles, others need the eight, 15, or 25 cents to live on. A lot of them will even rummage through public waste bins, which is not only humiliating but also dangerous, as there could be all manner of sharp and unhygienic objects in these bins.

To ensure that no more deposit bottles end up in the bin, our trainee Maria-Magdalena Zwahr, in her third year of a marketing communications course, and three other trainees from Hamburg’s vocational college for media and communications developed ideas for a new poster campaign as part of their final exams. The full cost of the media was covered by Ströer as a pro-bono initiative.

Two different variants of one image were shown in each of two separate campaign periods. Starting with the statement “I see…”, the poster shows Michael. He spends his time walking around Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel quarter in search of bottles to collect and return for the deposit. The initial statement is concluded the following week using a second image. The two images were shown on large-scale posters at high-footfall locations in Cologne, Berlin, and Hamburg.

The idea behind the campaign is to raise awareness of the issue and encourage people to place their bottles next to, rather than in, the bin. Returning bottles for recycling is not just important out of empathy for the bottle collectors but also from an environmental perspective. Around €180 million worth of bottles currently end up in waste or in our countryside.

“Our campaign is helping to create a sense of corporate citizenship within the beverage industry. We are committed to helping those people in society who are otherwise often forgotten,” said Pascal Fromme, sustainability expert at fritz-kola and the point of contact for the ‘Pfand gehört daneben’ initiative. The initiative was founded in 2011 by Matthias Gomille, and has been managed by fritz-kulturgüter since 2015. Numerous beverage companies, artists, and individuals support the initiative.



Source/image: fritz-kulturgüter GmbH / www.pfand-gehoert-daneben.de/