t-online participated in the Fairtrade Awards 2020 as a media partner

Sustainable food is a growing trend and is gaining in popularity in Germany as well. Every year, the Fairtrade Awards honor companies that produce their products sustainably and fairly. t-online participated in the Fairtrade Awards 2020 as a media partner. At the accompanying Fairtrade Partner Meeting, t-online also spoke with experts on the topic of sustainability: In an interview, Daniel Anthes explained why he believes that soon there will only be veggie meat and why packaging waste will continue to increase. Anthes, who has a degree in economic geography, has made a name for himself with lectures on the subject and advises companies on their sustainability strategies, for example.

Awards for retailers, manufacturers, newcomers, civil society and young people

The Fairtrade seal organization has been promoting fairly produced food and goods for years and awards companies that are particularly active in this area. The organization presents the Fairtrade Awards every two years and in 2020 honored a total of eight winners in various categories. Due to Corona, the award ceremony in October 2020 took place entirely digitally. The winners were congratulated by video message.

The "Oscars of Fair Trade" were awarded to Rewe Group, to supermarché Fair Fashion from Berlin, to koakult with its cocoa drink koawach, to clothing manufacturer MELAWEAR, to Mariengymnasium Essen-Werden, to chocolate newcomer Tony's Chocolonely and to the FairTrade cooking show. This year, the non-profit association presented the Fairtrade Awards for the seventh time. They honor companies, organizations and civilsociety activists who have made a special contribution to fair trade.

In addition to the award for participants in Germany, the International Fairtrade Awards were presented at the same time. The winners are the Asunafo cocoa cooperative in Ghana, the tea producers of the United Nilgiri Tea Estates in southern India, the British chocolate manufacturer Divine Chocolate, and for the best campaign: Oxfam Fair Trade from Belgium.

A six-member jury consisting of experts from business, trade, consumer protection and development policy organizations selected the nominees and winners in five categories. The "Producer" and "Trade" categories were each divided into large and small companies in order to do justice to the diversity of the applicants and to ensure comparability. The "Newcomer" category recognizes start-ups with a creative approach to fair trade, while the "Young Talent Award" honors the commitment of young people. The "Civil Society" category honors the roots of the fair trade movement and its multifaceted commitment.


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