STRÖER HILFT launches "Only together" campaign

At the beginning of December, the "Only together" campaign was launched on Infoscreens throughout Germany. The campaign is designed to encourage people to conform to Corona standards in a positive and constructive manner. The current idea and the visuals that the Ströer hilft team has developed and designed for this campaign are presented under the title "Nur gemeinsam" - from #flattenthecurve in spring, via #keinkontakt now to the joint #Wellenbrecher.

The visuals show that anyone can be a wavebreaker. And the good news is: the majority of citizens support this stance. The faces of the campaign are real people and represent a colorful cross-section of society. The team hopes that this will help people identify with the campaign and find themselves in it.

Since the beginning of 2018, the Ströer hilft team - consisting of 21 Ströer students and Ströer trainees - has been supporting various social projects and initiating campaigns on socially relevant topics from its Hamburg office. They have taken the current situation as an opportunity to develop this DOOH campaign, which calls for a joint and solidary response to the second Corona wave. The team Ströer hilft was supported by the colleagues of Ströer Media Creation and Content Fleet.


Source/Picture: Ströer Group