Smart communication infrastructure: Ströer supports the first national Warning Day

The first national Warning Day will take place on 10 September 2020. All emergency warning devices across Germany will be tested during this event organized by the national and regional governments. At 11 a.m., a test warning will be sent to all relay systems across the country that are connected to the national, satellite-based Modular Warning System (MoWaS). Ströer’s digital screens have been integrated into the system since 2018 and function as official relay systems alongside TV, radio, and warning apps. On Warning Day, the test warning will be shown nationwide on around 4,400 Ströer devices such as ‘Cityscreens’, digital city information systems and screens in stations and malls.

Ströer launched a digitalization drive in public spaces several years ago in partnership with local authorities. Thanks to its digital portfolio, the Company has developed into a key partner for urban information networks in public spaces, and is contributing to the vision of a ‘smart city’. Ströer offers joined-up solutions and intelligent approaches to facilitate communication in public spaces:

“As a long-standing partner of local authorities, we make an important contribution to urban communication infrastructure through our digital advertising media. We are pleased to be able to use our network of screens to support Warning Day. Alongside the familiar acoustic warning signals such as sirens, our high-reach digital advertising spaces now also visually draw the population’s attention to important matters,” says Alexander Stotz, CEO of Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH.

“Operators of warning systems have an agreement with the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance to publish and transmit warning messages. We would like to thank Ströer for an excellent working relationship that enables us to use the company’s digital advertising media to publish warnings,” says Christoph Unger, president of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK). 

Ströer supported the regional Warning Day in North Rhine-Westphalia as an official partner in 2018 and 2019. The first nationwide Warning Day since reunification will take place this year. All warning devices across Germany will be tested, as will the local warning plans of the various municipalities. This includes sirens and loudspeaker announcements from vehicles. A test warning will be sent nationwide via NINA, the German government’s emergency information and news app. The aim of the nationwide Warning Day and the trial warning is to raise awareness of the emergency warning system among the population, to shed light on how and why warnings are issued, and to draw attention to the available means of warning, such as digital advertising space, sirens, and apps. This year, the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance and relevance of the warning system.

Credits: Bildkraftwerk/Aschoff