Giant posters of VfB Stuttgart clean the air

Last year, VfB Stuttgart advertised its green away jersey on giant posters from Outsite Media. The giant posters also improved air quality at the same time. This is because the posters are made of theBreath® material, a fabric consisting of three layers on the back of the giant posters. The large advertising tarpaulins thus become a kind of "air filter". 

  • The upper layer is printable and promotes air transpiration. It has an antibacterial effect and kills germs.
  • The middle layer is made of carbon. It absorbs polluted molecules, traps them and dissolves them.
  • The back layer is also printable and germicidal.

The cleaning process is completely passive - i.e. the natural movement of air is used. No additional energy is required. The active principle is based on the canyon effect. According to this, the polluted warm air rises upwards, and the resulting negative pressure draws in further air. This allows the pollutants to be absorbed by the fabric of the giant poster.

With a total of 180 m² of "theBreath®", pollutants from up to 13,050 diesel and 32,625 gasoline vehicles can be neutralized in around half a year. Once installed, "theBreath®" has an absorbent, odor-neutralizing and germicidal effect for up to six months. 

The material was developed by the Italian company Anemotech, which brought "theBreath®" to market after three years of research and development. Outsite Media has been using the innovative technology exclusively in Germany for the past two years, making it a pioneer in the industry in terms of sustainable advertising technology.

Outsite Media, a subsidiary of the Ströer Group, is constantly expanding its sustainability concepts. With the aim of continuously improving its ecological footprint, the company has been offering customers exclusively CO2-neutral produced giant posters since November 2020. All CO2 emissions generated during production are recorded and offset by a recognized reforestation project. 


Source: VfB Stuttgart