desired.de cooperates with BeyondGenderAgenda

With BeyondGenderAgenda, the Ströer Media Brands website desired.de has gained a new cooperation partner. BeyondGenderAgenda will celebrate its first anniversary on February 2nd, 2021 and is committed to equal chances in business, regardless of gender, age, origin or sexual orientation.

The work of the initiative to establish diversity is accompanied by the desired.de editorial team: Interviews with the winners of the German Diversity Awards 2021 are planned, as well as short news and facts about diversity in Germany, which can be played out on desired.de and via Ströer's public video network in public spaces across Germany.  

Nadine Jungbluth, editor-in-chief of desired.de, was appointed an advisory board member of BeyondGenderAgenda at the beginning of 2021, along with six other people. The now more than 40 representatives from business, media, politics and academia actively advocate for diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion in the German economy.

"Diversity is not just a figurehead for Ströer Media Brands," says Nadine Jungbluth. "A diverse team with a variety of perspectives is our key to success and perhaps our greatest strength for the future of the digital media world. I'm committed to BeyondGenderAgenda as an advisory board member to bring even more attention to this issue across Germany."