Carola Veit and Ströer present joint initiative to honor voluntary service in Hamburg

The #HHelpingHands volunteer program aims to draw attention to the important task of volunteering and to motivate Hamburg residents to get involved. Whether in sports clubs, child and senior citizen care, youth work, culture or environmental protection: the motivations and fields of activity for getting involved in helping others are diverse. In Hamburg, more than 550,000 people are active as volunteers. The #HHelpingHands initiative gives them a special platform. A solid one in three people in Hamburg volunteer, but the majority of volunteers are currently over 50 years old on average. The campaign is also intended to help get more younger target groups interested in volunteering.

"Time, dedication and heart and soul to help others, that's the glue that holds our society together and makes it lovable. There is also a lot of democracy in volunteering: respect for others, equality and taking responsibility. We need these people who enjoy volunteering, have a desire to support others and are involved in all areas of society. It is to them that we owe our thanks, and it is to them that we must pay tribute. With HHelpingHands, we also want to motivate young people in particular to enjoy volunteering and to get involved in helping others or supporting a good cause," says Carola Veit, President of the German Parliament. 

Alexander Stotz, CEO Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH, adds: "Volunteering is an indispensable task for society as a whole. It is needed above all where people need help and support, because voluntary helpers ensure humanity and good togetherness in society alongside professional services. Through our outdoor advertising media, we are able to generate the greatest possible public awareness and attention for the important work of volunteers. Because voluntary commitment must be seen in order to motivate others as well." 

As of now, citizens who volunteer can be selected for the #HHelpingHands of the month. Simply write an email to [email protected] The call for this campaign is placed with the help of Ströer's digital advertising spaces in Hamburg. Starting in August 2021, the "volunteers" selected by a jury each month will be honored and presented via Ströer's digital screens in the city and in an interview on the regional Hamburg page of the news portal t-online.