Mission Statement

By means of the Mission Statement, Ströer is working to improve the concepts according to the needs of clients, cities, councils and publishers and develops new solutions - not only to answer expectations, rather to exceed.

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The vision

The starting point for Ströer’s mission statement is our vision. A vision that all employees share. A vision that articulates a standard towards which all our efforts at the company are directed.

Ströer is THE digital multi-channel media company and reaches target groups with real quality and efficiency wherever they are.

The mission

Nurturing the vision is not nearly enough to put a company on the right path. We also need to employ strategic thinking and set our goals:

  • Ströer is the expert in reaching relevant mobile target groups.
  • Ströer creates effective communications solutions so that advertisers can reach people anywhere and everywhere.
The values

It is important in a community that fundamental values are shared, especially with regard to what we want to achieve together, how we treat other people and what we feel responsible for. That is why Ströer values:

Growth and development
A company that intends to survive over the long term in a radically changing marketplace must set itself many challenges. This is the reason why growth and development are vital for Ströer. And not only for the company, but for employees as well. The contribution of every single employee is important and adds to the success of the organization. Success is created by employees. And that is why it is important to Ströer that employees grow through their challenges and successes and continue to develop personally. Corporate success and the individual successes of employees go hand in hand.

Ströer continues to champion quality as a central value. This does not just refer to the value of all our advertising media and formats, but also the competencies of our employees who are in direct contact with customers, communities and publishers. Quality means offering the customer targeted, individual communications solutions. This requires not only sincerity, courtesy and competence, but also an efficient organization to back it. Ströer not only wants to satisfy the requirements of clients, but also exceed them.

At Ströer, innovation ranks among the most important success factors. The company has set its sights on being a trailblazer in its industry and continuing to develop the outdoor and online advertising market through innovation. Pioneering design and exceptional technology underscore this commitment.

Esteem is the basis of all interaction at Ströer. Employees should be able to identify with the company, to work independently and give their best. Fairness, honesty and courtesy are daily norms at Ströer in interactions with customers and colleagues.

The guidelines

Day-to-day work places many different demands on managers and employees. The guidelines provide instruction on daily conduct, interaction, standards for products and responsibility for our environs.

The work ethos at the company is characterized by exceptional commitment. The cornerstones of our philosophy are passion, courtesy, trust, responsibility and respect. Employees in the Ströer Group should bring their strengths as individuals to bear, and in this way contribute to fulfilling our shared vision.